Property Security

The deployment of Integrated Security System (SIS) aims to ensure the business, ie the generation of profits for the enterprise, employing for this purpose organizational resources, human and technical resources efficiently and effectively through a professional management specialized in the enterprise security.

VIP Security

The Moked specialized in managing systems security for executives and dignitaries, applying its know-how with a focus on recruitment and qualification of professionals, ensuring their physical and mental fitness for such work particularly difficult and delicate - protecting the executive and his family.

Professional Qualification

They are the people who make the real difference and investment in the human factor is what brings more advantages to the organization. Only qualified professionals can ensure the return on investment in security, benefiting the enterprise and the employee.

Information Security

Information Security is not only protect the computer network of the organization. It is essential to classify information in proportion to the risk and then define the authority and resources to be used to protect the information, considering also the information stored in people\\\'s memory.




A Lot More

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For over 30 years, provide consulting services, helping our customers protect their human assets, intellectual and material.

Moked for Global Security is a tool and not the goal, that is, our main focus is not security per se, but the results that should guarantee the safety of our customers as well as continuity and generating profits from their business.

The Moked does not sell, nor has links to suppliers of labor or labor and equipment. We offer a unique product - our know-how accumulated over years of experience in the area.

Visit our website, assess our strengths and discover why Moked is considered the best tool to ensure the safety of people, facilities and information on public and private sectors.



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